About Us

About Us


Our Mission

 Cheer 4 Your life is a non profit organization 501(c)3 that helps empower youth by providing supportive funding as needed for individual participation in various clubs and school programs including but not limited to athletic programs, performance based programs and service projects.


Our Purpose


The PURPOSE of C4YL is to provide opportunities for youth to participate in a variety of athletic, performance and service based programs by offering financial assistance to those in need.  We believe that being a part of programs of this nature are hugely rewarding and will empower, inspire and motivate our youth by giving them a chance to defy their own limits.
The positive list of life experiences that are afforded these youth is lengthy.  But, some of the beneficial effects include self-discipline, commitment, integrity and a willingness to serve others.


About Missy Payne

In addition to organizing fundraising events, gaining cooperate sponsors, and mentoring the Program Members of C4YL, Missy donates the proceeds of her workshops and her speaking engagements directly to the Cheer 4 Your Life Fund. She is an inspiring and motivational speaker for small and large audiences, 

youth & adults.


Board of Directors

  • John Griffiths
  • Christopher Henson
  • Billy Smith
  • Jenny Saphier
  • Cynthia Smoot
  • Peggy Phife
  • Paige Sowden
  • Suzanne Warner

Executive Director

Missy Payne

Events Director

Charley Turo